Amazon Listing Optimization - An Ultimate Guide

posted on 20-Feb-4-Tuesday

As one can easily guess, Amazon Listing Optimization, just as a plenitude of other tools in that matter, was designed to help you sell! This software makes an actual impact on our business achievements. We all know that we crave them so much! How does it work? What does Amazon Product Listing Optimization actually do? To put it shortly, its aim is to optimize your listing in a way that influences organic rankings and sales. Let’s check it out and get to know better. 

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

No additional Amazon Listing Optimization service would be needed if there was no competition. As we all know, the market is overloaded! Amazon will continue to grow and create opportunities. So whether you are already out there, or just planning your kick-off in e-commerce, other third-party sellers are in the same boat. What seems crucial for Amazon Optimization Services is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm. In a nutshell, it's an algorithm that uses its own rules to create a hierarchy of products. It's similar to other search engine algorithms, but in this case, it's based strictly on queries typed by users. Amazon’s A9 Algorithm analyzes the data, obtaining effective results with striking relevancy.

Amazon Product Listings Elements

What is Amazon Product Listing Elements, and how to optimize Amazon listings? Let’s review the most significant elements of the product listing.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Product title

Let's omit the deepened researches that were conducted on the subject, and pass to pure results. One needs to be said - the title is one of the most important features of your listing. Searching for the best Amazon Product Research Tool follow DataGuide and find a tools to help you become an Amazon seller. What to do to get the very most of it? Deal well with Amazon Product Title Optimization by focusing on keywords! Insert as many of them in the title as humanly possible. It's not a joke! It raises your chances of showing up in this marketplace. The longest titles on Amazon are 200 characters long, so be sure that you incorporate your brand's name, product name, quantity, etc. It seems not to be elegant to fill each gap with words, but, actually, the more the better!  

Product Images

To better your chances of appearing among search results often, you can work on product images. Why are they so essential? It has a lot to do with Amazon Product Listing Optimization. Pictures should be of high quality and clear to seem professional. How many of them should you add? Let's view the numbers: 62% of the top listings have 5-8 images. Actually, preferably 6 of them! Anything more to know? Use different angles to photograph your product, white background, and good lighting. Don't try to hide anything! No blurry, off-focus photo-performances that make the product unrecognizable. Be sure that the product on your picture occupies 80% of the space provided.

amazon listing optimization service

Product Ratings

Some people who cut their teeth wondering how to optimize Amazon listing have come to the conclusion that product ratings are what counts. It's a tip to improve your overall score, and the whole process needs to be conducted wisely. You'll get this information from reviews! What's your customers' biggest complaint? Work on it! Get some other sources of feedback to fix issues before your clients have time to react with their ratings! Work for good reviews and ratings hard, There is no short-cut. 

Top 3 Tools for Amazon Listing Optimization

Besides traditional, manual efforts listed above, there are a few more sophisticated and automated ways to improve your performance and better Amazon Listing Optimization. Among many others - IO Scout, Jungle Scout, and Seller App.

IO Scout

IO Scout listing optimization tool for Amazon in the form of app or Chrome plugin performs all that's needed to succeed in the Amazon marketplace. Listings analysis, displaying detailed product information, and bookmarking them, tracking, complex history analysis - all of that, and many more, with one IO Scout for Amazon.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is one of the simple, but also widely used tools that lets you be smart with starting your product research. This tool is well-known for successfully narrowing down (with the use of filters) the exact product that you desire. It will help you improve your listing by showing the best that can be done with what you have at hand!

Seller App

Good news at the very beginning is that Seller App is free, and can be used by all the Amazon sellers directly from the page! Scanning products will show many important features of the particular listing. You'll get to know the total number of sellers, FBA fees, approximate profits, and so on. Seems like one you wish to use? We do!

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Final Thoughts

There is a wide space for improvement in this field because many listings still haven't achieved their highest potential by not being correctly optimized. Sellers either don't really get how it's done or just never came across this topic. Know it if you want to excel at sales! You can pretty easily stand out by following Amazon Listing Optimization easy steps. 

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