AMZScout review

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Running a successful business on Amazon is a constant struggle. You have to stay ahead of the competition, deal with your customers (especially with bad reviews), while you also have to manage your campaigns, monitor your inventory and keyword usage. In this AMZScout review, you can find useful information about the AMZScout FBA Calculator and the other features of this software suite.

Introduction to AMZScout

AMZScout PRO is a promising toolkit that offers you insightful data regarding the Amazon niches and items you are interested in. It’s much better than a meager calculator or tracker: the Scout is a software suite, one that you’ll love! The web app and the AMZScout Extension are both great tools, even though there are some differences (more on this later) between these two editions. Let’s continue this AMZScout review with the 2nd most important info you need: the costs!

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AMZScout Prices

AMZScout Free tools

A few free tools exist, which you could access after signing up. These include the AMZScout FBA calculator, eBay price comparison, and sales estimation.

AMZScout Web App

There isn’t much difference between the three plans, only their price and the number of products you could put in the product tracker are different. With IO Scout Chrome Extension all product data right on Amazon pages. The plans include the keyword tools, product discovery tools, idea, and niche profitability calculator, competition monitoring, and product tracker. With the $14.99/month (annual payment) Basic covers 20 products, the $19.99/month Start covers 40 products, while the $29.99 Business grants tracking for 80 different products.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

The AMZScout Extension is available separately. You might want to choose the Extension instead of the web-based app. There are two options: pay a monthly fee of $44.99 or buy the thing for $199 (lifetime access).

AMZScout Web App VS AMZScout Chrome Extension

There is no point in getting into details with the comparison of the two services. In general, the web-app could win such comparisons, as it has better features and fewer limitations. These are:

  • Works with all browsers..
  • No need to sign in at Amazon.
  • Product tracking keeps you up to date and helps to find a worthy niche.
  • Keyword search and analysis

On the other hand, simplicity and comfortability are on the Chrome plugin’s side. With this piece of software installed for your Google Chrome, you can view information on the Amazon product pages. The report covered are: products sales history

monthly sales and income predictions, FBA fee and product profit calculator, review checks, and more.

AMZScout Tools

Product Database

It is the most important tool of the web application. With this, you could scan through a vast product database to look for a market gap or track your competitors.

AMZScout Keyword tracker

This tool provides info on the keywords of sellers considered a competition for you.

Keyword Explorer

Finding new trending keyword is very easy with this accessory. 

Product Keyword

Gather new ideas for your product listings.

Listing Wizard

This tool tracks down the most successful keywords from your competitors, so you have a chance to get one step closer to success.

Free tools

Sales Estimator

A fast calculator that uses historical data to estimate future sales volume. 

FBA Fee Calculator

This tool calculates fees, and it’s also a profitability calculator.

Stock Stats

This tool checks your competitors’ stocks, providing valuable information to you.


How much does AMZScout cost?

The plans are covered in this AMZScout review, so we suggest you to scroll up and take a look there. The Web-App plans start at $29,99 per month ($14,99 if you opt-in for a year), and the AMZScout PRO Chrome extension is $44,99 for a month or $199 for lifetime access.

Can I cancel my AMZScout subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the monthly subscription any time, and use the software till the end of the paid period. As far as we know, if you buy a yearly subscription, you can ask them to pay back the fees for the remaining period.

What markets does AMZScout support?

The AMZScout Extension PRO works with the American, Canadian, British, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Indian and Mexican Amazon markets

The AMZScout web-based software works with the American, Canadian, British, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Indian Amazon markets

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