How to Sell on Amazon FBA

posted on 20-Jan-28-Tuesday

Do you want to sell on Amazon but wondering where to start? Worry no more because you’ve made the right decision—to sell on Amazon. This article serves as a guide to a beginner who wants to sell on Amazon. 

Understanding how to sell on Amazon is key to benefiting most from the eCommerce business option. The best approach to selling on Amazon is using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). It’s not only efficient but you tap from a huge global marketplace.

But Why Use Amazon FBA

When you decide to sell via FBA, Amazon takes care of storing, packaging and shipping but for a fee. This is unlike other fulfillment options where you have to perform everything by yourself. 

Steps to Take to Start Selling on Amazon FBA

  1. Open Amazon Seller Account or Set up FBA: If you don’t have a seller central account, open one it’s easy. Just click here , select register now and follow the steps. If you already have the account, Add FBA to your account. 
  2. Create your product listings: This involves adding your products to Amazon’s catalog. You may add one at a time or in bulk. Additionally, you can link your stock management software with Amazon’s API . Follow to get some other hints. More about product listing is addressed below.
  3. Get your products ready: Your products need to get to Amazon’s warehouses while eCommerce ready. This essentially means that they can be transported safely into customers’ hands. So you require to pack them well. 
  4. Ship your items to Amazon: How the products get to Amazon’s fulfillment centers depend on your shipping plans. You can hire discounted carriers
  5. Market your products: Now your products are ready for order. It’s up to you to advertise them to your target audience. Use all possible avenues to market particularly social media.

What to Sell on Amazon FBA?

When you decide to sell using Amazon fulfillment, several options are available to choose from. The most common ones include:

  • Private label: You can manufacture your own products and brand them with your logo. The other option is to have already manufactured products tailored to suit specific user demands. Then, label them as your own production
  • Second-hand products: You can look for used items around your home or location, or buy from other eCommerce entrepreneurs and resell on Amazon
  • Wholesale trade: This involves the search for bulk discounted products intending to resell them at a higher price. Many FBA Amazon merchants are benefiting from this option
  • Arbitrage: You can search for low-priced products from other retail stores and sell them on Amazon at a higher price

How to Decide the Product to Sell

 You can’t just wake up and put any product on Amazon. It must be a product that’s sellable and profitable. You must not rush but think critically. The best strategy is to research on Amazon reading through customer reviews. This will help you to know customers’ likes, tastes, and pain points. 

Then, you can provide a product that fulfills their demands. Another way to go is to check Amazon’s sponsored Ads. They are hints to products that are selling. No one will advertise what’s not selling. 

Also, there are Amazon tools that can aid in product selection. What these tools do is to assist you to sort out ideas and filter out the undesirable from the desirable ones. Here are two useful product selection tools: IO Scout Amazon Product Finder and IO Scout Product Finder.

While you decide on what to sell, you must note Amazon restricted categories . There are those products and categories that require Amazon’s approval before listing.

Creating and Optimizing an Amazon Listing

To create an Amazon listing, log in to your seller central accounts. On the menu select ‘Inventory’ and in the drop-down list pick on ‘Add a product.’ You are prompted obviously with ‘search a product’ option. You’ll go by this unless you are manufacturing a new product, to select ‘Add a new product.’ So, if you’re not manufacturing, search a product by name or other criteria.

The next step is to provide product information in the screen provided. Information to fill includes the price you want to sell, the condition of the product and whether you want Amazon to ship for you. 

Another important thing is you need to optimize your Amazon listing. This is an important step that will help you get eyes on your products. Ensure to use relevant keywords that will link you to your customers. Here are the best factors to consider when optimizing Amazon listing.

With the above package of information, you are good to go with your FBA selling endeavor. You not only learn what is Amazon FBA but also can sell on Amazon FBA. You are then destined for success in your eCommerce concern.

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