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posted on 20-Feb-11-Tuesday

Meta-Description: Keepa is an Amazon versatile tool. It helps retailers on Amazon compare prices and decide on the product they are to promote. DataGuide is the best Amazon product research review site in 2020. Read the article to learn more. 

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Keepa Review


Amazon is almost the most popular online selling sites. Thus, it has millions of customers from all over the world. Therefore, it has established the best product tracking and pricing tools to facilitate transactions for its clients.

The tools include Keepa and CamelCamelCamel. Most retailers use Keepa as the best aid.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a versatile extension and tool instilled straightway into Google Chrome, and some other search engines. It is also a tracker and pricing schemes tool used for Amazon. It helps Amazon retailers know about the price system history of a specific product.


Keepa app can track the sales rankings of each product, thereby, you can decide on the best-selling or buying decisions. Once your product is dropped below your required price, Keepa will notify you on your product page. Through using Keepa app, you will track and compare all prices on Amazon. 

Keepa Pricing

Since its establishment, Keepa has been free, but in 2019, it set $15/month for subscription. Keepa Chrome Extensions allows you to utilize two classes of pricing. The version, which is paid, offers you about 10,000 searches. The free one offers you instant reach to the Product Viewer, the Products Finder, and many services.

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Keepa Features

Keepa Amazon app includes two free key features that assist you to watch all product price details. These features are existing in the marketplaces of ten countries, including the USA, the UK, and Canada.

All Amazon customers can utilize Keepa Chrome Extension for tracking items and products in these countries. These marketplaces contain over 800 million products. This number increases and doubles all the time. The two major features of Keepa extension include Price Tracker and Product Viewer.

Keepa Price Tracker

The price Tracker helps you know about the history of product pricing systems in the ten marketplaces. It also helps you learn which marketplace is offering the preferable items and the lowest and highest rates. 

Keepa Product Founder

If you are willing to compare your product with other products in the ten marketplaces, you will see that Keepa Product Founder is helpful. This tool will help you get to various products that can be similar to or compete with your product.


  • Keepa deals are diversified so that buyers and sellers can find all kinds of different products.
  • If you know how to deal with Keepa, the process will be very simple.
  • You can log on to the site and by utilizing the Keepa Founder feature you will get to the product you are looking for.
  • Keepa extension helps you search for product items by category, deal type, pricing, and count ranges.


  • Search by category means whether products are: new, used, etc.
  • Every product is shown with its price history, its real-time tracking alerts, or its tracking product option (for example, your preferable price for a new or old product, and so on).
  • All alerts will be delivered to you via e-mail or browser notifications. 

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Refurbished deals are offered at very cheap prices that tempt all buyers, even those with little money, to buy more of them. They are also offered discounts of up to 75% or more. Discounts on lightning deals reach more than 64%. The collection contains 1313 items, including sewing, baby products, health and household, home and kitchen, tools and home improvement, clothing, shoes, and jewelry. 


  • Keepa Extension can review and track any product on existing Amazon to serve you personally and send you some alerts once the price of this product has dropped down.
  • The extension sends you alert via email, telegraph, Facebook or even RSS.

Ensure that this service is provided to you for free and does not require you to register. All you have to do is enter the deals section or use the search service to detect the product you would prefer to track. Alternatively, you can track a price straightway from the page of product data on Amazon through one of our built-in browser extensions.

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Wish List will help you generate price watches for all the products you are to track their prices regularly. Notice that You cannot overwrite existing price watches. The process is very simple, and you can perform it in just two steps.  

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Open the Amazon Wish List page (see the picture above) and search for the wish list you prefer to find by clicking on its name. You will see the tab in the navigation bar on the left hand. Once finished, a text similar to a link pops up in your URL. Finally, copy your URL and paste it in the text field.


You can use any of Keepa Extensions on Amazon with the help of the following four main browser extensions:

· Mozilla Add-ons, Edge for Windows 10, Chrome Extension compatible with opera, and Chrome Web Store.

Apps section offers three sub-sections to help subscribers do their search easily and instantly:

· Browsers Extensions

· Chat Bot

· Keepa ApI

Chat Bot

Chat Bot is a tool offered to all Keepa Amazon users for free. It can do the following:

· Establish price alerts.

· Show the price history of almost all Amazon products.

· Deal with Keepa through the Messenger app.

· Search and Distinguish all products on Amazon.

· Receive alerts of prices immediately on Messenger.   

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How can Keepa clients use Keepa ChatBot app? Simply, in the Messenger, you can add @KeepaTracker as a contact. 

Keepa API

API is an assisting tool that helps retailers get to pricing systems history of products. The tool can offer the following:

· Instant pricing systems available all the time.

· More than 800 million tracked products.

· Ratings, sales ranking, and reviews.

· Instant access to all offers promoted in marketplaces.

· Browsing, searches, and even category data.

· Many other services.


Keepa extension data includes five tools:

· Product Finder

· Product Viewer

· Best Seller Lists

· Top Seller List

· Category Tree

Product Finder

This tool helps to look for any product matching any criteria you define by searching the database. You can navigate and choose via the product feature. For example, you might search for an electronic product:

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· At a price of 75 dollars

· Average sales rank of no more than $3,000

· Manufactured by Phillips Company

· Sellers is less than 10

It will appear as a table in which products with similar features are sorted.

Product Viewer

It is another very simple tool you can make use of to import and export many product lists. Importing such big lists helps you track all prices and pricing systems as well as the product information very quickly.

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Best Seller Lists

You use Best Seller Lists to watch the best-selling items by category. Keepa sorts all lists by sales rankings.

Top Seller List

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This helps you view all top-selling retailers who are using Amazon to promote and sell their products. By clicking on the name of any seller on the list, you will view both the seller metrics and the forefront. Your default will sort the list by the number of ratings that the retailer has.

Category Tree

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Use this to navigate Amazon's complete category tree top in order to learn about the bestseller lists. 

Final Thoughts

To enhance selling on Amazon and buying experience, the company devised Keepa Price Tracker. It is substantial for all retailers, to be able to make their products as competitive as possible, to employ the Keepa Price Tracker. Sign up now and you will be capable of taking advantage of all its features.


How do I use Keepa extensions in Chrome?

Keepa is easy and simple to use. Firstly, you look for the item on Amazon. Secondly, copy the URL in the address box. Thirdly, on Chrome, paste it to the search box. Otherwise, you will download the plugin of Chrome and start the research in the browser window of Amazon .

How do I install Keepa?

Keepa extensions are very easy to set up and utilize in Chrome. Just follow these steps, and it will be ready to use:

1. Operate Google Chrome.

2. Load the web store page.

3. Click on the "Add to Chrome" button.

4. Click on the "Add Extension" button.

At the moment, the extension is prepared to use. You will take advantage of all its features.

Does Keepa have an app?

Keepa is a versatile app that can be installed in Google Chrome, Firefox, and many other search engines. It releases a tool that would display the ranks and prices of Amazon products. It is devised particularly for Android devices and Chrome extensions.

How do I cancel Keepa?

You can cancel your subscription from within your Keepa account. You can do this via the Settings panel and then go to Subscriptions. Otherwise, you can contact the Customer Service Team at http/ to make any changes to your subscription.


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