Top Selling Items on Amazon: How the top sellers in the world’s biggest marketplace are minting money 2020

posted on 20-Feb-7-Friday

So, you’re doing some Amazon analysis and are searching for the top-selling items on Amazon in 2020?

Well, we have good news, because whether you are an Amazon seller looking to on-board more top selling products to their listing or you’re a would-be seller who wants to uncover Amazon’s best sellers in your soon-to-begin enterprise, we will cut through the clutter and show how you succeed, saving you tons of hours of product research.

best selling items on amazon

What to sell on Amazon - Finding profitable products

When choosing a best selling items on amazon to trade and be on your way to becoming a top seller on Amazon, lookout for these following product characteristics:

  • Lowly priced items between $21 to $200.
  • Less bulky, lightweight, & easy-to-ship
  • Score over 10 complete sales everyday
  • Commands around 50 to 60 % profit margin and is traded up to2 to 3 times the cost price
  • Has eligibility for Express Air Shipping
  • Have lower than 140 reviews

What are that the bestselling categories you can find on Amazon?

The top-selling categories on Amazon are viz:

Toys and games

Collectibles children's dolls, kids toy cars, baby walkers, makeshift carpets


Fire Stick TV remote control, Alexa smart speaker, and Alexa Echo Dot, Kindle Paper White Reader, Gamer Life Pro Game Headset

Camera and photo products

Fujifilm INSTAX mini-film, Fujifilm Instax camera

Video games

Donkey Kong by Nintendo, $10 - $20 PlayStation Gift Card


Go for hard cover books like American Dirt by Oprah Winfrey and The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant

Clothing, shoes, & jewelry

Vive Wrist braces, ODODOS high waist yoga pants

Choosing what to sell on Amazon FBA

  • Items that have high potential include:
  • Yoga mats
  • Phone accessories – try wooden cases for iPhone X, screen guards, cables and cords
  • Colorful, movie-themed toys - Try Toy Story
  • Games - Memory games, Lego blocks, XBOX, Gaming accessories, Nintendo, PlayStation
  • Headphones
  • Power solutions and chargers
  • Home surveillance cameras
  • Books - Autobiographies, drama & thriller books, fictional books, comics

Overall, don’t choose:

  • Products that require high quality controls – this includes mechanical products such as echo dot
  • Breakable items– these include glassware and precision items as these require a lot of careful preparation to fulfil
  • Items that trade in large volumes daily
  • Trademarked products e.g. Disney products
  • Items that are sold in large retail stores e.g. Walmart

Searching for the best items to sell on Amazon - 5 surefire strategies

  1. Start by discovering profit-generating products
  2. Keep tabs on the competition
  3. Learn from amazon product listings
  4. Find out what other sellers are selling
  5. Pick your product source

Sourcing products to sell on Amazon

  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Business to business marketplaces
  • Drop-shipping suppliers
  • Direct from manufacturer
  • Sourcing agent sites
  • Sourcing software solutions
  • Auctions & thrift stores
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Virtual assistants

Final thoughts

In order for your item to be mentioned as one of the top selling products on amazon, it has to fit the requirements we have just discussed. Instead, you might just be spending money on product concepts that won’t mint you good money. Have you noticed a characteristic that is uniform across all the Amazon products we have identified? Simplicity!

That’s right, these products are easy to use, affordable and convenient, and that is why shoppers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to get them on a daily basis.


How successful is selling products on Amazon?

Amazon stands as one of the most powerful; ways to leverage your business start-up quick and easy. it sells everything from baby diapers, to gym accessories, and high-end electronics.

How much money can an Amazon seller make?

You can make 5- to 6-figure income as an Amazon seller. It is a lucrative endeavor. Third-party sellers, like you, make up millions of sales each year.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

There is the Individual Selling Plan and the Professional Selling Plan.

The individual selling package requires no monthly subscription fee buy you will have to part with $0.99 for every item sold.

The professional selling package requires that you part with a $39.99 monthly subscription fee, but you won’t have to pay a fee per item sold.

What is the most item sold on Amazon?

The most sold item on Amazon is the Alexa Echo Dot (3 rd Gen)- smart speaker –charcoal

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